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View From a Morning's Work

​With a background in creatives arts and a passion for ethnography, I have explored many venues for telling people's stories from their perspective. Beyond the reach of prose, there is a need for candid, raw images that no words are able to match. It is not merely the milestone moments that define us; the larger on-going transitions help shape our character and define our personas. This is how One Big Happy Photography was created, the deeper desire to tell your story.


The experience of capturing your journey should be one that allows you to shine in your natural element. Mirroring your life transitions, the photographic process should be an experience in and of itself. We take the time to connect with you prior to your session, customize your location and session, and follow up with a personal viewing with your photographer. For a more in-depth look at One Big Happy Photography, check out the ongoing series "Behind the Lens" on the blog.

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Tel: 720-282-9151



Gilpin, Clear Creek, Jefferson, Park, Boulder Counties 

Blackhawk, CO 80422

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